Training Programs

Fitness is not one-size fits all, expecially for women. Every women has unique needs and goals. Dfine offers several different training programs to help meet those needs.  

Personal Training

If you are looking for motivation and results, private personal fitness training could be the fitness program that fits your needs.   Dfine will work with you to establish your personal goals and design a program specifically fit for you. If you are looking to improve strength, lose weight or a have specific sport training goal, personal training is a great way to make it happen. 

Partner Training

Partner up with your BFF for personalized partner training.  Individual programs are developed based on each client’s goals. Assessments, testing and goals setting is private and  the workouts are with your friend.  You’ll  see strength, flexibility, and mobility improvements within no time.

Small Group Training

No frills. No nonsense. Just results. Small group training  is a fun way to stay motivated and accountable for your workouts each week.  Working with 3-4 other women in the studio is fun and effective.  Small group training  is a combination of circuits, intervals, and lots of weights.

Female Athletic Training

More information on team training is coming soon.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a full-body workout with intense circuits that will push you beyond your fitness plateau! This workout will define your body from head to toe.