Favorite Sites & Resources

These are some of my favorite health and fitness websites.


TRX Suspension Trainers have been a part of Dfine's tool box since the beginning.  The TRX is fantastic at increasing strength, flexibility, balance and core stability using gravity and body weight.  The results are incredible. 

Perform Better

Perform Better is one of my go to equipment sites.  Not only does this site have great equipment, but you'll also find  information on how to use it properly.  

Nancy Clark Sports Nutritionist Blog

Nancy Clark speaks nutrition for athletes and active individuals.

Berkeley Wellness

I added the Berkeley Wellness site because back in 1992 I first started reading the Berkeley Newletter. (we didn't have the web)  This is where I first realized I had a love for learning about health and wellness.  The news letter is now a wellness website. This is trusted source for health information.