Watch for workouts posted here.  These are great for a quick ideas  when you need a workout at home or if you are traveling for work or vacation.  Check back for new workouts posted every month. 

Indoor Winter Workout

This interval style workout is great indoors on those wet cold days.  You'll perform a cardio/HIT exercise followed by a recovery.  The recovery exercises are your rest from the HIT, but you'll still keep moving so your heart stays pumping. 

Vacation Boot Camp

Deck of Cards Workout.  This workout is perfect when you are on vacation with family or friends. 

Outdoor Summer Stairs Workout

Find a set of stairs at a local park or stadium, a great place for a killer workout.

Spring Vacation Workout

This is a great workout to get swim suit toned for your Spring vacation.  Grap a chair and a mat, you don't need alot of space. But, get ready, it will challenge you to the max!